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The area-as-color Voronoi diagram shows Poisson-disc sampling’s improvement over best-candidate, with no dark-blue or light-yellow cells:

The Starry Night under Poisson-disc sampling retains the greatest amount of detail and the least noise. It is reminiscent of a beautiful Roman mosaic:

Now that you’ve seen a few examples, let’s briefly consider why to visualize algorithms.

Entertaining - I find watching algorithms endlessly fascinating, even mesmerizing. Particularly so when randomness is involved. And while this may seem a weak justification, don’t underestimate the value of joy! Further, while these visualizations can be engaging even without understanding the underlying algorithm, grasping the importance of the algorithm can give a deeper appreciation.

Teaching - Did you find the code or the animation more helpful? What about pseudocode — that euphemism for code that won’t compile? While formal description has its place in unambiguous documentation, visualization can make intuitive understanding more accessible.

Debugging - Have you ever implemented an algorithm based on formal description? It can be hard! Being able to see what your code is doing can boost productivity. Visualization does not supplant the need for tests, but tests are useful primarily for detecting failure and not explaining it. Visualization can also discover unexpected behavior in your implementation, even when the output looks correct. (See Bret Victor’s Learnable Programming and Bellamont Suede Unisex Adults Multisport Outdoor Shoes Aku yAP2mm36
for excellent related work.)

Learning - Even if you just want to learn for yourself, visualization can be a great way to gain deep understanding. Teaching is one of the most effective ways of learning, and implementing a visualization is like teaching yourself. I find it easier to remember an algorithm intuitively, having seen it, than to memorize code where I am bound to forget small but essential details.

Shuffling is the process of rearranging an array of elements randomly. For example, you might shuffle a deck of cards before dealing a poker game. A good shuffling algorithm is unbiased, where every ordering is equally likely.

The Fisher–Yates shuffle is an optimal shuffling algorithm. Not only is it unbiased, but it runs in linear time, uses constant space, and is easy to implement.

Above is the code, and below is a visual explanation:

Each line represents a number. Small numbers lean left and large numbers lean right. (Note that you can shuffle an array of anything— not just numbers— but this visual encoding is useful for showing the order of elements. It is inspired by Robert Sedgwick ’s sorting visualizations in Algorithms in C .)

The algorithm splits the array into two parts: the right side of the array (in black) is the shuffled section, while the left side of the array (in gray) contains elements remaining to be shuffled. At each step it picks a random element from the left and moves it to the right, thereby expanding the shuffled section by one. The original order on the left does not need to be preserved, so to make room for the new element in the shuffled section, the algorithm can simply swap the element into place. Eventually all elements are shuffled, and the algorithm terminates.

Any new Theme Customizer settings , sections , or controls must be defined from within a customize_register action. This action automatically loads the $wp_customize object, which is an instance of the Unisex AP130 Sunglasses Sunoptic qTiBa8g7

First, define the action like this:

Note that the $wp_customize object is passed automatically to the function, and all customizations you make to the Theme Customization page are performed through methods of the $wp_customize object.

Next, you need to define your settings, then your sections, then your controls (controls need a section and a setting to function).

Settings automatically use WordPress's theme_mod features to get/set settings for your theme.

To add a new setting to your Theme Customizer, you need to call the $wp_customize->add_setting() method. By defining your setting this way, you don't need to do any extra work to create, save, or fetch settings for your theme.

Adding a theme setting (within the 'customize_register' action) might look like this:

Note: The ' transport ' argument is optional, and defaults to ' refresh '. If left to default, then the theme customizer's preview window will update by completely reloading itself when this setting is changed. If you would prefer to avoid refreshes and improve responsiveness, you can set this to ' postMessage ' instead, then handle any styling updates manually with a bit of JavaScript (see the Configure Live Preview section below).

Sections are groups of options. When you define new controls, they must be added to a section. Although you can add controls to existing default sections, we will briefly cover adding a new section.

To add a new section to your Theme Customizer, you need to call the $wp_customize->add_section() method.

Adding a theme section (within the 'customize_register' action) might look like this:

WordPress does include a few built-in sections. If you want to use any of the existing, built-in ones, you don't need to declare them with add_section(). Instead, refer to them by name. The following sections are built-in:

A control is an HTML form element that renders on the Theme Customizer page and allows admins to change a setting, and preview those changes in real time. Controls are linked to a single setting , and a single section .

To add a new control to your Theme Customizer, you need to call the $wp_customize->add_control() method.

Adding a control to a theme section (within the 'customize_register' action) might look like this:

Controllers have quite a few options, some of which require passing it another class (such as the WP_Customize_Color_Control() class shown in the above example). For more examples, see the documentation for Silk Manda Floral Print Mini Dress Blue Isabel Marant AxzxX

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Community-based cultural Experience days in rural Rwanda

Join a local hostess on her hillside, working, feasting, creating and laughing together in a day of rural Rwandan life.

Designed and hosted by artisans and artists, our Experience Days are a truly wonderful way to get a taste of the beauty and rigor of rural life and Rwandan culture. Explore the options below! Come for just a day, or create a multiple-day Experience. We’ll work with you to arrange all the details. Azizi Life specializes in hosting families, missions teams and school groups. Contact our team below to customize your Experience.

Please note that all our Experiences start from our main office and boutique in Gitarama, Muhanga, about a one hour drive from Kigali.

“We had an amazing experience! Best day in Rwanda. Everyone was welcoming. I enjoyed being a part of a day in the lives of the ladies and their children…. Could not have had a better or more impactful experience.” – Linda R. USA

A Day in the Life of an Artisan

Become part of a weaving cooperative for the day.

The Artisan Dayis the very first Experience created by the artisans, and is the heart of Azizi Life Experiences.

Join your artisan hostesses in their village for a morning of family chores, a simple, home-cookedlunch, and an afternoon of learning how to craft. With your translator alongside, you will love sharing life, work, conversation and laughter with the artisans and their families.

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Traditional Coffee Experience

Join us for coffee season between March and August!

Take a step back in time to learn and taste coffee picked, washed, roasted and ground by hand. The Azizi Life Experience morning begins with adrive to a nearby village, where you and your AziziLife facilitator will be welcomed by the ladies of the cooperative.

After introductions from your hostess, you help out in the kitchen to get lunch underway. Then it is off to the field to check on the coffee plants and harvest some of the cherries. Once collected, the cherries will need to be washed before removing the pulp, so its off down into the valley to collect the water.

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Imigongo (cow dung art) Experience

Years ago in the time of the Rwandan Kings, there once was a prince who decided to decorate his house by carving geometric shapes directly into the wall of his hut. In time this technique was developed into a popular form of Traditional Rwandan art call “Imigongo.” During your experience you will learn the history, the method and then make your own art to take away with you.

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Traditional Construction

You may have seen the high rise buildings in Kigali, but this Azizi Life Experience is your chance to learn something about the traditional building techniques, some of them used since the times of the King.

In the morning you will collect water and soil, which you will then be taught how to make into mud bricks. After making your own bricks, you will dig the foundations and learn how to lay the bricks in a way to ensure the building will be strong. By this point, you will have built up a bit of an appetite and so everyone will stop work and share a simple home-cooked lunch with your host family.

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Banana Juice Making

Traditionally shared during weddings and other celebrations, banana juice (and beer!) has long been a central part of Rwandan parties. Although nowadays banana juice can be easily bought from the local store, the traditional technique for making your own brew is a much greater labor of love.

In the morning of your Azizi Life Experience, you will work with your rural host to collect the green bananas and the leaves needed to begin the process. Next you’ll dig a hole and bury the bananas to ripen over time.

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Traditional Cooking Day

Select from a simple variety of seasonal dishes for your custom traditional cooking Experience with a rural mama! Your day begins not in the kitchen but in the fields as you learn seasonal planting or harvesting of fresh ingredients for your meal.

Once the ingredients and water have been collected, food preparation begins with washing, peeling, pounding, and grinding the ingredients using traditional methods and tools.

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Traditional Drumming Dancing

Whether you have natural rhythm or not, with our expert instructors everyone can enjoy learning traditional drumming and dancing. Your Azizi Life Musical Experience begins with a mini-performance from a small troupe of traditional performers.

Next, it’s your turn to put on a traditional costume and give it a try. You’ll have fun as the dancers teach you some basic dance steps and share a bit of the history of Rwandan dance.

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Candle Dipping and Hive Making

Learn from local beekeepers how to weave a traditional beehive, prepare beeswax and dip your own pair of candles. The candles are yours to take home with you. Experience rural life and share a meal with your host family.

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Home Stay Experience

An overnight Experience is a unique opportunity to participate in the life of a rural artisan and her family. Home Stay hostesses live in homes made of mud brick, which usually have one larger front room for receiving visitors and a few smaller bedrooms for the family. In the enclosed area behind the house, there is an outdoor kitchen, enclosed pit latrine and bathing outhouse, animal stalls and family workspace. Most host families have about four children at home. In Rwandan culture, guests are considered a blessing!

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Crafting Workshop Experiences

Short on time or looking for a more focused crafting experience? (or working with a tight budget?) Looking for a short, fun holiday or weekend activity for the whole family?

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Azizi Life Pathways

Thanks to Rwanda’s lush green hills, beautiful valleys and welcoming people, it may be one of the easiest and most exciting places in East Africa to explore by foot.

All around the rural communities, there is already a vast network of paths ready and waiting for you to explore.

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Guest Reviews

“Just exactly what I always look for in a holiday but seldom find – friendly people sharing their daily life, answering all those questions I’d been dying to ask, even showing an interest in where I come from.”

Julia G, UK

“My daughter and I spent 4 days with Azizi Life and it was the best thing we did in Rwanda.”

Senior Trip Advisor Reviewer kikidee95, UAE

“For travelers who have a passion for learning about local life, Azizi is the perfect experience.”

Rachel C, Kigali Rwanda

“I’ve been to 25 countries and outside of living in someone’s home, this is the most that I ever learned/experience about a different culture in one day. I would highly recommend this experience for anybody who wants to see the life of a real Rwandan.”

Mark J, USA

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